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How to Make Fimo Fun

By Richard Clique

Fimo clay is a type of polymer clay that is very versatile to use in crafting. Do you like to make sculptures? Do you enjoy having different bead shapes and designs to work in a necklace? Fimo clay makes all of these and even many more uses for clay fun for a person of any age who likes to create things. How do you get the clay to work when you are just starting out?

The first step is to get the clay soft. Work a chunk in your hands and knead it for several minutes until it is slightly warm and pliable. It will be warm just from the contact with your hands, it doesn't need warming from any other source. Fimo that is pliable can be worked in to smaller shapes and designs a lot easier.

One project to do with Fimo clay is to make beads. Glass beads and other shapes can be purchased from the store in bulk quantities, but what happens if you want a unique size or design that you just can't find anywhere? Create it yourself. The Fimo clay can be purchased in many colors or else you can make your own shade by combining colours. When you are making a new color, make sure to work the two or however many colors you have until there is no streaking. Unless you want a streaked marble look, then you can only knead as much as you look. For smooth and solid colors, knead for longer so they are completely combined.

Once they are combined, then you can begin using your hands or tools to shape the project. Keep in mind that when the Fimo is baked or dried it might get a tiny bit smaller or lighter color. Work with the tools to add details to the work or give a piece texture. Once it is done, place on a parchment piece of paper and begin your method of drying.

Sculptures are also a great project to do with Fimo. Make little figurines of your favorite animal. Have your kids, grandkids or students make a project based on a holiday theme. They could create hearts, shamrocks, snowmen, stars or any other shape that fits in with what project you are doing. A hole can be placed at the top so that the design could be strung with yarn or ribbon and turned in to a necklace, a wall hanging or even an ornament.

Fimo can also be used for other types of jewelry. Long strands can be rolled in to a bracelet. Shapes can be made to be attached to earring bases. Pendants can be added to pins. There is no limit to the pieces of jewelry you can make when you have different colors of clay and tools to make them have intricate designs. Jewelry attachments can be purchased at any craft store so you can make your designs wearable. Try out your hobby at a craft sale and see if it can make you money, which will make your hobby of Fimo clay even more fun!

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It's true that Fimo clay or
Art clay can be fun. It's a bit like the Playdough you used to play with as a child, only much more expensive and not as tasty, but you can make some great gifts for friends and family!

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