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Homemade Musical Instruments

All children love music!  Expose them to every type of music you can get your hands on.  Ask parents to bring in some of their favorite CDs to share.  Here are some great ideas for making your own instruments.

Everyone’s favorite is a Tambourine.  You will need:

  • 2 paper plates for each child, you can use plain white and decorate them or choose some decorator colors
  • A stapler or glue, a stapler usually works best
  • A hole punch
  • Some string or yarn
  • Beans or tiny bells from your Christmas supplies
  • Crepe paper or any strips of ribbon
  • If you use plain paper plates, have the kids decorate them first.  Staple the plates half way around then put in as many beans or noisemakers.  Finish stapling.  Punch holes around the perimeter.  From them you can tie on more bells or strips of crepe paper or ribbons.  Make sure the staples are safely in the plates and keep the stapler out of the reach of young children.

Drums can be made from empty oatmeal boxes.  The drumsticks can be made from small dowels with the large wooden beads that have holes in them.  To start, you will need to;

  • Decorate the box, you can wrap it in paper and decorate it or decorate the paper and then wrap it.
  • Poke two holes opposite each other on the lower part of the drum.  String long lengths of yarn or string thru the hole to make a neck holder.  It is ok to make a drum without the long string if you have very young children as it could choke them.
  • To make the drumsticks, glue the large wooden bead to the dowel and let it dry real well.  Use a strong wood glue away from the children.

Shakers can be made with toilet paper rolls simply tape one end closed, fill with rice and/or beans and tape the other end closed.  You should decorate these before you fill and tape them.

Finger Cymbals
Collect juice lids and make two holes in each lid.  You do this with a hammer and a large nail.  Place the lid on the dirt ground outside or a piece of scrap 4x4.  Hammer the nail thru the lid the remove the nail.  Hammer any rough pieces on the lid with the hammer. Thread a pipe cleaner thru the holes and carefully twist closed on the finger.  Make another one for the opposing finger.  *The ends of refrigerator biscuits work well too.

Box Guitar
Save shoe boxes so each child can have one.  Cut an oval in the top of the box.  Wrap 3-5 rubber bands around the box length wise.  Place a pencil under the rubber bands at one end of the box.  You are ready to strum away.  Decorate the boxes before you start the project.

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