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Constuction Paper Family Tree

Building a Family Tree gives a child a sense of connection to his present and an awareness of the past.

You will need:

  • Construction paper: light blue, green and brown 

  • Fresh markers

  • Scissors

  • White school glue - glue sticks usually just don't hold up well.

On the brown construction paper, draw a large tree with as many branches as a family needs. You can leave this loose or glue it on the large blue construction paper.

Cut the leaves from the green construction paper. It's fine if each leaf is a little different or even different shades of green or other colors.

Each family member will have his/her own leaf.  The leaf should be big enough to write a name. On the flip side of the leaf you can write the relationship, yes it will be covered up but the kids will know it's there.  It is fine to include family pets in the family tree.

As with any creative project "keep the rules to minimum".
Glue the leaves to the tree. Put the child's generation at the top of the tree, the parents next, and grandparents below the parents etc.

Read "Me and My Family Tree" by to your class before you begin.  It is written by Joan Sweeny and illustrated by
Annette Cable.

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