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Science Center

Science happens everyday, everywhere and all the time.  3 major areas of study are recognized and used by the world’s scientists.  They are Life Science which includes plants, animals, people and germy things.  Earth Science includes the air, water, sand and soil.  Rocks are made from sand and soil and shaped by the air and water.  Physical Sciences are all the things we really can’t see or touch very well.  It includes magnets, light and heat and machines.  All of these can be measured.

Location, location, location.  Set your lab (science center) up near a sunny window and preferably with a source of running water.  In addition to all the items on the following list, try to gather enough goggles, lab coats, clip boards, graph paper or note pads and magnifying glasses for all the children in the class.  A microscope and telescope are great additions. Many of these items can easily be used in other centers too.

For you Life Science Lab you will need:

  • A pet or 2 with cages, food and water
  • Gardening materials; pots, soil, seeds etc.
  • Bones,teeth, and some x-rays if you can get them.
  • A child’s poster of the human skeleton
  • Outdoor collections: shells, feathers, bark, leaves etc.

For your Earth Science Lab you will need:

  •  Water play; funnels, tubing, eyedroppers etc.
  • A sand box with sand, soil, rocks,
  • Wind socks, kites, pinwheels etc.

For your Physical Science Lab you will need:

  • Wheels, gears and pulleys
  • Magnets of all types, metal of all types
  • Prisms, flashlights, binoculars and a good kaleidoscope
  • Ramps, wheels and balls (toy cars)
  • Pieces of whole matter such as a chunk of plastic, a smooth piece of glass etc.

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