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Easter Games

Easter Egg Hunt- Fill plastic Easer Eggs with a few jellybeans, hide the eggs when the children or at lunch.  Hide them outside if weather permits.

Easter Tag-  Play tag as you normally would only this time have the tagger and the tagee hop!

Easter Puppets –  Create Easter puppets with small brown paper bags.  You only need glue, construction paper, colored cotton balls etc.  Model your puppet as you would a typical small paper bag puppet.  Decorate with Easter/Spring craft supplies. Create a play with the characters!

Decorate Easter Cookies – Purchase the cookies from the store without the icing.  Mix up appropriate colored icing, add sprinkles etc.  Serve at your Easter/Spring party.

Hopping Game – Line the kids up and play the Hopping game. 

  • Hop in place
  • Hop and turn 
  • Hop on one foot, pick one, any one 
  • Hop backwards, sideways and forwards
  • Hop with your neighbor
  • Hop to different rhythms such as the beat of a drum, clapping your hands, a favorite song.
  • Hop to lunch! Or to the playground!

*Jelly Bean Sort- ask everyone to wash their hands before you play any game that involves handling food. 

Place a known quantity of jellybeans in a clean, clear jar.  Ask the children, in the entire Center including staff, guess the amount.  Have a prize available for the winner.

Bingo – use jellybeans for place markers in your favorite bingo game.

Mosaic Paintings – draw your picture, maybe an Easter Egg in nontoxic school glue.  Fill in the colors with jellybeans.  Use plenty of glue and allow for plenty of drying time.

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