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Morning Chores

  • Designate an area for each person in your family to place the items they need in the morning.
  • Check the calendar in case your child needs sneakers for gym or a snack for a field trip.
  • While you’re fixing dinner, make and pack school and work lunches.  Have your child pick out the clothes she wants to wear the night before. Consider a second choice as well.
  • Lay out your own clothes the night before as well.
  • Set the breakfast table after you wash the dinner dishes.
  • Keep school/work morning breakfast options limited.
  • On weekends, make pancakes, French toast etc. and freeze individually, wrap well and toast or microwave them in the morning.
  • Set your coffee maker on a timer if you need one.
  • Put your children to bed bathed.
  • Give your elementary school child her own alarm clock and set it so he/she will wake up on her own. Set it to a station he/she likes.
  • Make a picture poster of morning activities to remind a small child of his tasks.

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