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Halloween Safety

Please consider all of these factors when planning your evening:
  • Costumes can be mad safe by:
  • Being comfortable and fitting properly.
  • “Robed” type costumes need to be hemmed at the top of the foot to avoid tripping.
  • Adding a few pieces of reflective tape front and back to your child – he will be easier for drivers to spot.
  • Being flame resistant – a lot of candles out there on Halloween.
  • Wearing masks that never “mask” a child’s peripheral view.
  • Wearing beards, hats and other loose items that fit your child – loose ones can cause accidents.
  • Wearing shoes that fit properly – high heeled shoes are notorious for breaking ankles.  Tennis shoes are best for trick-or-treating.
  • Wearing hypo-allergenic make-up is best on Halloween, if you must use a mask, use one that is soft and fits well.  
  • Having swords, knives, wands, that have no sharp edges or points and are made with foam or cardboard or a softer plastic.

The evening can be made safe by:
  • Giving each child his own flashlight for his walk, he can keep an eye on the yard side of his walk as well as in front and behind him.
  • Making sure each child in a group knows who is in their group and checks that they stay in a group.  Wait for the slow pokes!
  • Not leaving a party they are supposed to be at.
  • By only trick or treating at homes with the lights on and neighbors they know.
  • Make sure they stay on a well lit street,
  • Make sure you and they know what their route will be.
  • If at all possible send an adult with them or an older sibling to follow along behind them.

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