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Debating and Arguing

As a parent I am astonished at the amount of time and energy wasted when we find ourselves arguing and debating with a small child.

Almost each and every parent will be lucky enough to experience this attempt of belittlement.

The end result of a debate with a toddler is about as useful as trying to get blood from a stone.

Many parents have got the idea that they must explain to their children in every little detail of what is going on in life, which will only bring us trouble, being the extremely intelligent, but none the wiser,parent. 

Toddlers crave attention and there’s a sure fire way to getting copious amounts of it by continually asking endless questions.

If we dissect these questions we will find the actual list of questions quite small, but if asked a hundred different ways, the answer will be different each time, therefore the parent will continue to give that attention.

We all know how investigative children are and how much they like to ask “But why?” this in many cases is not a bad thing, if they are interested in what we have to say but, on the other hand we get the questions just to get the attention.

When your children asks a question, firstly you decide if its knowledge they are looking for or if its simply putting you to the test, if you decide its for real give your children an honest answer.

For example, if your children were jumping up and down on their beds, your instant reaction would more than likely be to tell them to stop it, then you would most likely be asked “But Why?”

Then you need to explain the dangers of their actions,telling them they may be hurt.

But the answer is simply to be firm and tell them and say,“Because I said so,” obvious to you and I the answers but our children are not really interested in anything but to push our limits.

Beware the answer, a toddler is far to self-centered to be interested in you pointing out the dangers involved, and won’t feel any happier for you doing so.

  •  Shouting…
  • Raising our voice at our children is extremely poor excuses for discipline, even still; so many of us persist in doing so.
  • Children are very sensitive susceptible to their environment, if there is yelling and fighting then the children tend to get a little boisterous, the more the parents yell the more excitedly nervous the children reacts and begins the vicious circle.
  • In the quest for a quiet life, shouting should be kept to a minimum, not to mention it rarely gives any satisfaction.

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