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Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

By Elijah Kim

If you have a little one but still want to be able to create crafts with them, there are some great toddler Halloween crafts that are easy to do and let you bond with your toddler as you teach them valuable skills that they can take with them to school.

Toddler Halloween crafts need to easy enough for little fingers to handle. Otherwise, they are liable to get frustrated. You will want to work closely with your toddler when making Halloween crafts, and above all, use patience and let them create their own masterpieces. The craft won't be perfect, but it will certainly be theirs!

One of our favorite toddler Halloween crafts is to make handprint spiders. All you need is a paper plate and some water-soluble black paint. Pour the paint into a pan or on a separate paper plate. Have your toddler place their hand flat into the paint. They will love this, by the way! Make sure the entire hand is covered with paint, but don't let it be too "gloppy". Press your toddler's hand firmly on the paper plate just above the center of the plate making sure that their fingers are splayed out. Turn the plate over so that the handprint is on the bottom and reapply the paint to your youngster's hand. Making sure the heel of the palm matches up with the one that is already there, press the hand down like you did the first time. Let the paint dry and then glue on googly eyes. Punch a hole in the top of the plate and hang proudly from wherever you like!

Another of the toddler Halloween crafts we like is pumpkin seed wreaths. After you've carved your pumpkin, save the seeds and wash them off completely. You may want to roast some of these in a low oven sprinkled with salt for a yummy treat! At any rate, after the pumpkin seeds have dried completely, take a round piece of orange construction paper and have your toddler glue the pumpkin seeds all around the outside of the circle with the pointed end facing out. Make a second row inside the first row. You can fill the middle with any type of Halloween decoration you want.

Make a witch out of fun foam, glue candy corn, or anything else your imagination can come up with. Scour the Internet to your heart's desire and find all sorts of toddler Halloween crafts you can make with your young one. Have fun and make sure that they know that there is no such thing as a perfect craft - just a fun one!

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