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Creative Thinking Activities

  • Play simple games of charades.  Act out objects or actions.

  • Play “I Spy”

  • Play “I Am Thinking Of”. Give clues describing a particular child or teacher until another child guess the answer.  The guesser then has a turn.

  • Ask the kids close their eyes or turn their backs.  Create a particular noise (close a book) and have the kids guess the source of the noise.

  • Have the children pretend they have caught a flower or butterfly in their hand.  Ask them to take turns describing the object in their hand.

  • Play “Fortune Teller”! Turn a clear bowl upside down on a table.  Place a shawl or piece of fabric across a child’s shoulders.  Have the Fortune Teller tell the children what they see for their futures.  Write these down and see how the predictions change each time you play the game.

  • Ask the children to talk about their future occupations or hobbies.  Make up an occupation and ask the children what he would do if he were a baker etc.

  • Make a magic wand from tightly rolled sheets of paper and paper stars. The wand holder can say ”abracadabra I make you a flower” and the class can all pretend to be flowers. This activity has many variations.

  • The kids may be used to writing to Santa but ask them to write letters to a local police officer or to the school nurse. Be creative when you choose who to write to.  If possible, actually deliver the letters to the intended reader.

  • Remove pictures of people performing different activities from magazines, sports magazines are especially good.  Ask the children to title the pictures.

  • Line the kids up and ask them to pretend to walk on or over a variety of surfaces such as glue or jellybeans.

  • Make up a recipe for Witches Brew!  Do the same for a Chef’s Salad.

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