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Number Activities

Pass out a number card to each child.  With these cards, the kids can:

  • Line up in numerical order, by card or bythe child holding the card.

  • Find the same number of similar items inthe room, such as 4 dolls or 7 cars.

  • Open a deck of playing cards. Remove theface cards. Call out the numbers with the kids. Have the kid’s line up in the numerical order of these cards.  See how high you can count.  Shuffle the deck and play again.

  • Count everything!  How many children are wearing sandals, howmany pockets are on our pants or dress? How many are wearing something red.

  • Sing all the number songs you can think of.  Begin with “5 Little Monkeys”.

  • Tape a long line of masking tape on thefloor.  Carefully tape your number cardsin order on the line.  Encourage thechildren to hop to the numbers you call out. Make more than on number line on the floor.

  • Make a number line going up the wall.  Ask the kids to measure each other’s height.  They can also measure moveable objects.

  • Grab a few sets of game dice.  Show the kids how to roll the dice.  They can identify the numbers rolled and,they can learn to add the two numbers together as their math skills advance.

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