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Mother's Day Cameo

Cameo Necklace

Make these beautiful necklaces that all Mothers will love.  This will be the favorite piece of jewelry that Moms will want to wear to family events.  It may even turn out to be an heirloom.

You will need for each child:

  • A picture of the child  
  • A metal-rimmed key tag.  You can buy these at the office supply store.  
  • Glue  
  • Glitter or decorative cording  
  • Lengths of ribbon  
  • Gloss medium  or decoupage paste

Copy a picture of the child in a sepia tone.  If you have a class picture, just blow it up and copy it once and then cut out all the adorable little faces.  Make sure the face fits the key tag and glue it on the key tag.  On the flip side of the tag, glue on a circle of pretty scrapbook paper of wall paper.   Run a bead of glue around the perimeter of the tag and dip in glitter or glue on a length of small cording.  Use the string to hang it from while it dries.  Paint the pin with a little gel medium or decoupage paste for security and a nice shine.  When it dries, have the kids tie on a ribbon to make a necklace or you can pin it from a safety pin.







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