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St. Patrick’s Day Projects

These projects are great lessons in science and art using daisies. Visit a florist to get a good price on the flowers.

Glitter-Green Daisies

You will need:

Two old pie pans- foil is ok

White school glue


Green glitter

A daisy for each child


Cover your work area with old newspapers. Fill a shallow pie pan with ½ water and ½ the school glue. Fill the other shallow pan with green glitter. Carefully skim the water with the flower petals. Brush the gluey water on if necessary. Dip the daisies in the green glitter and shake off the excess. Let the daisies dry. Ask your assistant to read a Leprechaun story to the children while they create their daisies.



Daisies – Dyed Green

You will need:

A clean, clear wide mouth quart canning jar

Green food coloring

An exacto knife – for teacher’s use only, use caution

One daisy for each child


Fill the jar a fourth of the way with water. Add 10 or more drops of green food coloring to the water. With the exacto knife, cut slits into the bottoms of the daisies about a half inch long. Press them gently to the table to spread the slits a bit. Place the stems in the jar of green water and let them set overnight. The petals should turn green overnight. Pass these out to your students while your assistant reads a Leprechaun story to the children.

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