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Father's Day Gifts

Take your pick and work on one of these or all of these Father’s Day gifts the kids can make for the men in their lives.

Car Wash Kit – Buy a new bucket! Buy a sponge, chamois, and soap for washing and drying. He needs a wax kit. Add a glass cleaner and squeegee. Make coupons for your services!

Rock Sculpture – Gather different sizes and shapes of rocks and stones. Decide what you think they can make then glue them together in that shape (use strong glue.) You can smooth in some wood filler to smooth out a shape such as a neck. When it’s all dry, you can paint it!

Note Cube – All dads need a stack of notes near their desk or their work. Buy a plain white cube. With markers, decorate the sides with your names and your best drawings. He will see you every time he needs to pick up a piece of paper.

Cookies – How can anyone not like cookies? Bake assorted cookies, particularly his favorite. You can use Splenda instead of sugar, look on the box or their web-site for baking information. Package them in a clean fruit basket. Weave a ribbon thru the webbing.

Personalized Ball Cap – Buy a plain white cap. Customize it with markers or fabric paint. Make sure you sign your names. You can sew on a few charms. Try some nuts, fishing lures or other hobbies.

Wind Chimes – Make some manly wind chimes. You can buy an inexpensive basic kit. Tie the nuts and bolts at the end of the line. Use a small wrench to make the center dong.

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