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Confetti Balloons

Make your own great balloons that drop their confetti at midnight to ring in the New Year!

These are real easy, you will need;

· Balloons of your choice

· Confetti of your choice

· Ribbons

Use a funnel to pour the confetti into a deflated balloon. Gently shake the confetti into the large part of the balloon. Blow the balloon up my mouth (do not inhale) or use a rented tank. Tie the ribbon around the knot.

Here are a few ways to make your own confetti!

· Get a three hole punch, old magazines and a few friends. Keep punch holes in the pages of the magazines. Use your hands and fluff them up to separate them.

· If you have a copy machine at work, empty it’s hole catcher.

· Empty your paper shredder then feed it colored paper. You will have some great paper strips. Do not use a foil type paper or foil.

· I you have kept all the scraps from the kids art papers, you can sit and cut them into tinyer pieces.

If you want color without all the work, use a lot of white then add your colored pieces.  You can mix store bought with your homemade.

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