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Mini Gingerbread Houses

Small milk or juice cartons (cleaned and dried)

Can(s) of white frosting

Graham crackers

A variety of small candies

Colored icing in a tube

Plastic knife or large wooden craft sticks to spread frosting

Small piece of cardboard covered in foil


Start by covering the cardboard in foil and place the milk or juice carton in the center. Then break the graham crackers into pieces big enough to cover the sides of the carton.  Apply the frosting to one side of the graham crackers and stick them to the sides of the carton.  Don't forget to make a "roof" too.

If there are any cracks you can fill them in using the frosting.

Now all you have to do is decorate the house.

Use the white frosting to make snow on the roof. Use the colored frosting to draw doors and windows. Apply the candies by putting a dab of frosting on the back and stick them to the house.  The children can decorate the ground out side their houses as well. Use extra white frosting for snow, and extra candies to make a walkway or other parts of a yard. Shredded coconut makes great snow too! 

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