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Milestones for 2 Year Olds

Physical Development

Weight: 22-38 pounds

Height: 32-40 inches

Has almost a full set of teeth

Walks up and down stairs by holding onto railing

Feeds self with spoon

Experiments by touching, smelling and tasting

Likes to push, pull, fill, and dump

Can turn pages of a book

Stacks 4-6 objects

Scribbles vigorously with crayons or markers

Many children (but not all) will learn to use the toilet

Walks without help

Walks backwards

Tosses or rolls a large ball

Stoops or squats

Opens cabinets and drawers

Can bend over to pick up toy without falling

Intellectual Development

Enjoys simple stories, rhymes and songs

Uses 2-3 word sentences

Says names of toys

Hums or tries to sing

Enjoys looking at books

Points to eyes, ears or nose when asked

Repeats words

Interested in learning how to use common items

Social and Emotional Development

Plays alongside others more than with them

Acts shy around strangers

Likes to imitate parents

Easily frustrated

Affectionate – hugs and kisses

Insists on trying to do several tasks without help

Enjoys simple make-believe like talking on phone or putting on a hat

Very possessive – offers toys to other children but then wants them back

Needs considerable time to change activities

Capable of frequent tantrums, which are often a result of his inability to express himself, even though he has ideas

Can show aggressive behavior and the intent to hurt others

Can be extremely demanding and persistent

Destructive to objects around him when frustrated and angry

Possessive about caregiver’s attention; shows feelings of jealousy

Has fears and nightmares

Has sense of humor; shows interest in dressing, brushing hair and teeth

Cannot sit still or play with a toy for more than a few minutes

Has a non-stop activity level

Runs and climbs

Is intensely curious

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