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Milestones for 9, 10 and 11 Year-Olds

Physical Development

1. Girls are generally as much as 2 years ahead of boys in physical maturity

2. Girls may begin to menstruate

3. Increased body strength and hand dexterity

4. Improved coordination and reaction time

Intellectual Development

1. Interested in reading fictional stories, magazines, and how-to project books

2. May develop special interest in collections or hobbies

3. May be very interested in discussing a future career

4. Fantasizes and daydreams about the future

5. Capable of understanding concepts without having direct hands-on experience

Social and Emotional Development

1. Begins to see parents and authority figures as fallible human beings

2. Rituals, rules, secret codes, and made-up languages are common

3. Enjoys being a member of a club

4. Increased interest in competitive sports

5. Outbursts of anger are less frequent

6. May belittle or defy adult authority

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