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Childcare World is the newest, biggest, most exciting and comprehensive development in the childcare industry ever - a shopping mall just for the childcare industry. This site was developed by Kay Goodman-Walsmith of Mesa, Arizona.

Kay, a childcare entrepreneur since 1978, was the founder of the Tots Unlimited childcare centers. Until 2005 when she sold the centers, Tots Unlimited was one of the largest individually owned chains in Arizona. In addition to those many years in the childcare industry, Kay and her staff have spent the last three years researching the technology to create ChildcareWorld.com. She is very excited and eager to share the wealth of information she has gathered in almost 30 years of being an owner and a parent. This has truly been a labor of love for children and utmost respect for the work childcare professionals and parents have before them. We can assure you that Childcare World will provide you with everything you'll need related to children and childcare.

Childcare World is an on-line link to a wealth of products, goods, services and information for the childcare industry. It is a groundbreaking development: a shopping mall like no other that specializes in childcare needs. This is the first stop for childcare centers, charter schools, private & public schools, government agencies, parents, and anyone else looking for childcare services, equipment & supplies, or information.

You may also write to us or call:

   Corporate Office

1630 S. Stapley Drive, Suite 114
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 558-8900
(480) 558-1916 FAX

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